Pricing Announcement

Pricing Announcement

With prices going up everywhere, this likely won’t come as a surprise to you. But we still wish this was a note we didn’t have to share.

Our business is not immune to increasing costs. While we’ve been working extremely hard to mitigate the higher costs of ingredients, transportation, and labor, we are now faced with the difficult decision to raise our prices.

Whether it’s the price of a gallon of gas, or the cost of organic wheat or oats, we’ve seen prices more than double on many of our ingredients. With the mounting stresses on the supply chain, we’ve been fortunate to source some ingredients at all.

You can expect to see changes starting Wednesday, April 6, on The Oven Door. Some prices will go up a little, while others will go up more.

We are doing our level best to keep everything available and as affordable as possible during these crazy times.



Stan & Kathy Smith
The Oven Door Owners